One tree, one table - »Der Tisch aus einem Baum«

Kaspar Hamacher x Creutz & Partners

Raeren x Beiler
Art Collection

When »The Art of Craftsmanship« and »The Art of Asset Management« combine, one of the most important objects in our life is created: a table. In this case, a table crafted from one single tree.

For artist Kaspar Hamacher, who comes from East Belgium, nature and the living material wood are the starting point of his works. Raised in the midst of the woodlands by his father, a forester, Hamacher's works - which move between sculpture and contemporary art - radiate authenticity, personality and, above all, genuine craftsmanship. A deep basic trust in the material wood, but also in himself and his environment, is the basis of his creative processes.

The following video shows the creation process of »Der Tisch aus einem Baum«. It is powerful, atmospheric, honest and full of creative energy!

Creutz & Partners is happy and grateful to have this table as a place where conviviality, enjoyment and appreciation come together. 

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