The Jungle

Our headquarters are located in Beiler in the north of Luxembourg, a stone's throw from the Belgian border.


A place of perfect harmony

You enter it via a large reception room, on the walls of which 6,000 plants of 109 different species climb the almost ten-metre high walls. The twittering of birds and thousands of LEDs enchant you and this forest. »The Jungle« was created in collaboration with Patric Blanc, the inventor of the famous vertical gardens.

»Welcome to the Jungle«

This reception room is your entry into a world of finance like no other, because it reflects our values. Also unique is probably the importance we attach to a good reception. Because we are not an inaccessible, anonymous institution, but craftsmen of your assets. We have given our headquarters the name »The Jungle« because the jungle is symmetrical, is in balance of power. If modern man enters this symmetry, he changes a balance. We, on the other hand, strive for this balance - it corresponds to our ideal.

»As craftsmen of our clients' assets, we create a symmetry with the desire not to enter unsafe or dangerous terrain. When selecting stocks, we eliminate the uncertain, the risky and the dangerous, so that only the best remains.« Marcel Creutz, Chairman of the Board of Directors

»This building represents the excellence we strive for. We have designed it so that people will feel comfortable in it. Because we would like to welcome not only our clients, but explicitly also new employees. It also expresses that we are different: Our basic idea is not to be the greatest, but the best. An asset management company that fully respects the ethical rules of the game.« Yves Creutz, Executive Member of the Board of Directors