Creutz (&) Friends

An exhibition concept by Creutz & Partners in collaboration with MAYBE YES / MAYBE NO.

The concept of Creutz (&) Friends

Conservatism and modernity do not exclude one another. Our values stand for creativity, development, and openness to the world and its changes. These values of Creutz & Partners spurred the innovative idea of Creutz (&) Friends: a constantly evolving exhibition concept.

Our aim was to create a dynamic platform where creative diversity can thrive, where creative works are highlighted alongside their ingenious creators. Both are present on-site, making the exhibition not only an expression of artistic excellence but also a vibrant meeting place in the heart of Luxembourg City.

Creutz (&) Friends invites you to a rotating program of visionary exhibitors from various artistic fields. With each rotation, the exhibition transforms into a permanent stage for talent, showcasing the brilliance of emerging artists, talented professionals, and innovative entrepreneurs. From one exhibitor to the next, the space fills with a kaleidoscopic variety of styles and perspectives.

The magic lies in the curation, as Creutz (&) Friends skillfully intertwines the narratives of these dynamic exhibitors, inviting visitors on a captivating artistic journey. With each visit, it promises an unexpected encounter, a celebration of diverse creative possibilities, and an opportunity to witness the dynamic journey of emerging and established talents in the heart of Luxembourg City, creating an unparalleled artistic experience.


Creutz & Partners S.A.
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