Creutz & Partners is committed to art and culture - naturally conservatively and sustainably. Because this commitment benefits both our clients and society. What motivates us? We see the human ability to transform thoughts into symbols and artefacts that help us abandon traditional thought patterns as a force for reflection and innovation. And this power drives us all forward - in every respect.

The Jungle, Beiler

The Jungle is our company headquarters. An exotic, ultra-modern place where we work - but where culinary, musical and informative events also take place. Why is it called »The Jungle«? Because it is a place of perfect harmony.

Villa Louise, Aachen

Cuisine, art, communication - these are the ingredients from which we prepare unique menus for you at Villa Louise. It is a place of exchange, lectures, culture - and an exclusive private kitchen with more than 100 Michelin stars.

Always Close, Luxembourg

Always Close is a think tank and four-story work of art at the same time. In this space, created by Studio Job, we meet in a small circle, usually with clients, to give free reign to our thoughts on the topics of money, assets and strategy.

Creutz (&) Friends, Luxemburg

Creutz (&) Friends is a heart project in the form of a contemporary exhibition concept. In constant flux, diverse creative artists from various fields showcase their work. It is a platform that fosters space for exchange and celebrates the essence of art and creativity.