We have set up the CP NVST investment plan so that you can participate in the performance of our funds as easily as possible. This enables you to close gaps in your wealth accumulation effortlessly - and you don't have to think about it anymore: DON´T MIND THE GAP!

What is that supposed to mean? A riddle? The solution couldn’t be easier. CP NVST will help you assemble significant building blocks in your asset accumulation during the pursuit of your investment goals. Just like our brains insert vowels automatically to make sense of a text that was formed using only consonants. You can acquire shares in our funds, and take advantage of their performance, by using our very simple system. Then you won’t have to worry about possible gaps any longer — DON´T MIND THE GAP.

The simplicity and clarity of your investment plan is the goal at the heart of CP NVST. During our first conversation, we will determine the potential and risk propensity of your investments: Which investor type are you, and which investment mode do you prefer? You always – even while the process is ongoing—have the opportunity to invest or to withdraw, to acquire shares in the fund or to sell them. The terms and conditions are similarly clear in structure: You can either invest a one-time amount of 25.000 euro or 250 euro per month, without any additional charges! Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time. You just can’t imagine a simpler way!

Your contact person will be responsible for you individually—he will keep you updated: Regularly accurately and exhaustively. Even if you don’t get in touch with us, you will receive annual information in writing with regards to the performance of your investment plan. From the time you open your investment until you close it, you will receive all-round support from your CP NVST relationship manager. And all that without initial or closing fees: Good service is always included!

The foundation for handling assets rests on skill: Every one of the portfolio and securities experts at Creutz & Partners is an expert who has learned his or her skills on the trading floors of global stock exchanges. These experts have worked for years to monitor expected performances, which are reflected in the structure of our funds. Our experts and our funds are the foundation of your CP NVST investment plan.

Desires—there are so many: Success, simplicity, peace ... we can’t determine the fate of the world with CP NVST. But we can help you personally to move closer toward these ideals in the area of asset development. An investment in CP NVST provides you with shares in our funds. After that, you really don’t have to worry about a thing — because, following the C&P credo of »nobody’s more conservative than we are.«, we take comparatively few risks during the pursuit of the goal ‘maintenance and growth of your assets’, so that the personal desires of success, peace and simplicity actually are within your grasp.

Trust—as you often hear—is a good thing. But we are all too often reluctant to trust others. Because trust is betrayed all too easily. That is why we decided to introduce a clearly structured and transparent notification system when we founded CP NVST. True to our motto »one face to the customer«, you will always have just one contact person at our firm, who is responsible for communicating with you and who can use cutting-edge tools to provide information on the performance of your assets. Aside from accurate reports, you can also receive daily updates, if desired. Trust is good—because you’re always in control.

Freedom is a big word. So is independence. To be able to make decisions freely and independently is a valuable commodity in the area of wealth creation. That’s because you, the client, doesn’t always get a glimpse behind the scenes of funds, doesn’t always have a full understanding of the structure of investment plans. (the crises of recent years have shown you that client advisers in the financial sector sold products whose structure the advisers themselves didn’t understand—but which they were forced to sell by company policy.) We at Creutz & Partners always have constant up-to-date information about the strength, quality and performance of our funds at hand— which means you do too. This strength is the result of the large degree of independence of our fund managers, who make strategic decisions in your best interests on the trading floors around the world. This means: Declared independence for your investment plan CP NVST.

You are free. Free to do whatever you want with your assets. We hope to have aroused your interest in CP NVST—for a sustainable and clearly simple wealth creation through your personal investment plan.