Sighard Neckel and Merlin Labron-Johnson visited the »Villa Louise«

Sustainable and delicious: Sighard Neckel and Merlin Labron-Johnson as guests at the »Villa Louise«.

Villa Louise

Prof. Dr Sighard Neckel, professor of societal analysis and social change at the University of Hamburg, gave a lecture on the topic of » The Future of Sustainability: Modernization, Transformation, Control«. Together with his research team, Mr Neckel examines the social dimensions of sustainability and at the same time highlights the paradoxes associated with sustainable development in global capitalism.
Following the lecture, Merlin Labron-Johnson, popular head chef at London’s private members’ club »The Conduit« in Mayfair, delighted with a delicious menu. The aim and basic idea of »The Conduit« is to host a creative community that is enthusiastic about social change and likewise supports it. Exactly as intended by Labron-Johnson, who supports the »Sustainable Development Goals« of the United Nations in addition to various charity projects. Already at the age of 24, the Guide Michelin rewarded his intuitive and natural approach with a Michelin star.

Prof. Dr. Sighard Neckel