Art Car

Inspired by “The Art of Asset Management” we used stunning photography of the space in our headquarters in Beiler and let Artificial Intelligence convert these photos into new imagery – or in other words, we let the AI dream these pictures into new computational realities.


Digitization is on the rise in the finance sector. Fintechs market banking as a lifestyle. Promising to manage all finances in an app anytime, anywhere. New startups with new promises are entering the market every day, offering their financial products and services.

As investment experts, we are aware of these trends. But instead of blindly following them, we take a clear stance. Because we believe that values outlast trends and rapid hypes. Trust, experience and expertise are not a question of suit or T-shirt, offline service or app solution.

These values have to be lived. They must form the basis for advice on sustainable asset management decisions.

We want to use digitization to improve our services and customer experience. But not as an end in itself. We simply focus on the benefits. So we ask ourselves: What can tech do for us? Not meaning the stylish surface, but the relevant contribution to our everyday work-flow.

With our 20 new Art Cars, we are metaphorically proving that we can make digital services work for us. Under the motto "The Art of Asset Management," we have taken pictures from the premises of our headquarters in Beiler and had them converted into new images by an AI. The abstract artworks are reminiscent of paintings and impress with glitch effects in warm colors. We converted these images into a foliation and thus individualised our fleet.

This contradiction between anonymous algorithms and the individual characters, the personal advice of our employees is our statement. It’s a driving manifesto. Because the art of asset management is not a task based solely on computing power, but on interpersonal communication and expertise of humans.

Or have you ever asked an app for advice?

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