Friedemann Karig and Richard Ekkebus as guests at »Villa Louise«

Friedemann Karig gave a lecture on the subject of »Storytelling in the digital age« – Richard Ekkebus served up a top-class menu.

Villa Louise

Friedemann Karig doesn’t shy away from the big issues of our time and as an orator, journalist and author, he tackles public debates and questions societal values that we have long taken for granted. His lecture on »Storytelling in the digital age« was of course met with great interest from the invited guests.
Following the lecture, Richard Ekkebus, the **Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant »Amber« and Culinary Director of the hotel »The Landmark Mandarin Oriental« in Hong Kong, cooked a top-class menu. A native of the Netherlands, he has always been deeply rooted in French cuisine, and that is what he took with him to Hong Kong 14 years ago. It was an honour to welcome the top chef to the »Villa Louise«.

Friedemann Karig