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The Value of Art
Creutz & Partners »Always Close«

In 2018, Yves Creutz, Executive Member of the Board of Directors and son of the company’s founder, is opening the representative office Creutz & Partners »Always Close«. On his initiative, the Dutch-Belgian art and design collective »Studio Job« created the comprehensive artwork »Always Close« in a sixteenth-century house opposite the Grand Ducal Palace in the heart of Luxembourg City. In choosing this title for their creation, »Studio Job« is referencing two important facts: on the one hand, that the house is not open to the general public, and on the other hand, that you as a customer will always work closely together with your asset manager, in short, “always close”. The new representative office thus becomes an architectural and artistic embodiment of the guiding principle of the company’s founder, Marcel Creutz: to be close to the customer.

With its lavish artistic atmosphere, the Representative Office at 22, Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes, Luxembourg, is now a venue for exchange with invited guests, a place of art and culture, and a location for customer consultations in the heart of Luxembourg’s financial centre. Creutz & Partners’ »Always Close« is a place for conversations with clients. However, it is also a place for giving free rein to ideas about your own associations and the topics of money, assets, closeness and strategy – a true think tank in every sense of the word.

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Representative office
Creutz & Partners »Always Close«
22, Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes
L-1728 Luxemburg

Tel.: +352 26 20 10 37
E-Mail: alwaysclose@creutz-partners.com