Creutz & Partners


The handling of values.

Our company’s reputation is rooted in the long-term quality of our services, based on avoiding high-risk speculation and premature transactions in favour of a conservative investment strategy. This strategy serves as the basis for all our actions. Yesterday. Today. And in the future.

The ability to see the big picture.

Half-hearted action only reaps fragments of success. Only an overall view really pays off.

Extensive wealth is the result of significant personal commitment. This commitment can only be realised if the assets are sensibly invested and increased. This is the only way that can help you build your wealth and achieve independence.

A task which cannot be left to chance. On the contrary. It requires professional services in the form of expert knowledge and a critical assessment of all relevant investment options.

The value of sustainability.

Creutz & Partners is a reliable partner. Since the shares in our company are owned by our employees, you can be secure in the knowledge that we manage your assets with care and a great sense of responsibility.

The value of independence.

As a well-managed and independent company, Creutz & Partners secures and protects your assets by selecting financial resources without any obligations to any third-party service providers, allowing us to manage and advise you on an independent basis, providing tailor-made services.

This means we also select our partner banks and depositary banks on an independent basis, and they must comply with our strict requirements when it comes to financial stability.