Creutz & Partners


The ability to act on a goal-oriented basis.

Taking a personal approach not only requires a clear outline but also a solid core. We have clear ideas about the goal in all our endeavours. Your goal.

In order to achieve your goal, we not only use our proven competence in banking, investment and consultancy – we also focus on what is most essential. An eye for detail. The quest for sustainability. The optimal exploitation of our scope of action. Combined with our experience – which we acquired during our many years working with some of the world’s leading banks – we offer you new opportunities that are in line with your personal vision. Increasing value on a personalised basis.

No one is more conservative than us when it comes to protecting and increasing your assets. As an independent and strong manager of important values, we establish our highly individual yet always solid investment strategies together with our clients in a way that is transparent, clear and unambiguous. 
Marcel Creutz Chairman of the Board of Directors