Creutz & Partners


The ability to be in the right place at the right time.

The choice of location is a crucial factor in any company’s success, this is also true for Creutz & Partners. Our location on the border makes us easily accessible to clients in the neighbouring countries.

We look forward to sharing these opportunities for success with you and invite you to visit our offices in Weiswampach or Luxembourg, so you will be able to get to know us just as well as we will get to know you!

Creutz & Partners
Global Asset Management
Société Anonyme
18, Duarrefstrooss
L-9944 Beiler

Telephone number: +352 978 22 11
Fax number: +352 978 22 10

Your contact at the reception: Ms Nadine Lausberg

Representative office
Creutz & Partners »Always Close«
22, Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes
L-1728 Luxemburg

Telephone number: +352 26 20 10 37

Representative office
Creutz & Partners »Villa Louise«
Eupener Strasse 217
D-52066 Aachen

Telephone number: +49 241 978 100