Always Close

Artistic space for private parties - Always Close is our representative office in the heart of Luxembourg and a very special place. It is always closed - and serves exclusively for the exchange of information with invited guests, especially clients.

Four-story work of art and think tank in one

This is where we meet to give free reign to our thoughts and associations on the topics of money, wealth and strategy: in intimate surroundings and in an extremely inspiring setting.

Always Close was created by the Dutch-Belgian art and design collective Studio Job. Our representative office is located in a 16th century house, in the Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes, directly opposite the Grand-Ducal Palace. The artistic and at the same time functional furnishings are in no way inferior to the exclusive address.

Art, design, object and function perfectly combined

The building includes an office, a conference room, a shop and a meeting room for clients. Each room was designed by Studio Job. From floor to ceiling, the rooms are characterised by the colourful, intoxicating Studio Job aesthetic and a disrespectful reflection on the power of money.

Always Close

Creutz & Partners S.A.
Representative Office Luxembourg City
22, Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes
L-1728 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 26201037