Prof. Dr Richard David Precht and Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire honour the »Villa Louise«

Educational and game-changing: Prof. Dr Richard David Precht clarified the digital revolution and Pierre Gagnaire dished up a magnificent menu.

Villa Louise

As part of the »Zehn nach Zwölf« (»Ten Past Twelve«) series of events, Prof. Dr Richard David Precht, popular philosopher and publicist, gave a presentation on the subject »Digital Revolution and the Future of Work«. In an entertaining – although sometimes admonishing manner – the philosopher made his audience aware of how the digitisation is spreading through all walks of life and of the consequences this brings with it.
Following the speech, Pierre Gagnaire, godfather of the french avant-garde cuisine and now 50 years in the business, prepared an exquisite lunch. Gagnaire is the proprietor of several restaurants in Paris, London, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Dubai, among many others. His flagship restaurant »Pierre Gagnaire« in Paris has been the proud holder of 3 Michelin Stars since 1993. As a pioneer of fusion cuisine, the top chef uses his dishes to reflect his great love of culinary art and creates unique compositions to delight both the eye and the palate.

Prof. Dr. Richard David Precht