D.L. ROELEN xx Creutz & Partners

Berlin-based avantgarde fragrance house D.L. Roelen and Creutz & Partners have joined forces to create an exclusive collection of three limited scented candles.


Following D.L. Roelen's brand claim "Invisible, yet there.", the liaison between Creutz & Partners and Roelen is based on the idea of transferring the sensory experience of the Luxembourg headquarters' indoor jungle to other spaces in the form of scent. The result is an olfactory metaphor for the tangible but invisible feeling of luxury.

Creutz & Partners sees asset management as the art of investment in future wellbeing. Thus, in addition to just numbers, the house puts importance on the emotional value of the asset for humans. "We wanted to collaborate with David because of his way of working. He translates emotions into fragrance concepts and he aims to create sensual experiences that put the individual in the center”, says Yves Creutz (CEO of Creutz & Partners), “He enables us to perceive the invisible." The results of this collaborative translation are the two spiritual concepts "Peruvian Poison", "Indonesian Incense" and one apocalyptic interpretation of a distinct jungle "2070".


Indonesian Incense is a mystical being that acts as an homage to the spirits of the Jungle. Notes of incense, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla connect you deep within the Jungles of Indonesia, where ancient relationships between nature and the spirits still live on today.

Spirits live within every tree and under every stone.
Through the rivers they flow.
The spirits sing as the soil breathes and they listen as the animals call.
They told me through the smoke.

Notes: Incense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla

Peruvian Poison invites you to take a walk into the depths of the Peruvian Jungle, where psychedelic and medicinal plants open your mind and take hold of your senses. As you wander, notes of armoise, sage, tobacco, incense and elemi create an environment in which you feel body and soul connected as one.

As the jungle around me becomes a lucid landscape the bitter taste begins to fade. A serpent tells me to collect medicinal flowers and herbs. I wander around, exploring the depths of my mind.

Notes: Armoise, Sage, Tobacco, Incense, Elemi

The year is 2070 and the world has become apocalyptic. There is little to no sign of life. Notes of tar, kerosene, apple, musk and tuberose create this scene. What about the rainforest in the year 2070? An olfactory reminder of how important it is to protect the rainforest.

Olfactive Report

2070-10-23, 07:45am
Experiment day 84
Air quality: high risk
Temperature: 34.5C
Particles: kerosene, ash, dust, carbon
Specimen: Polianthes tuberosa, Malus domestica
Analysis: Increased levels of chlorophyll in specimens. Plant odour is perceptible despite the smell of kerosene and smoke.

Notes: Tar, Kerosene, Apple, Musk, Tuberose

  • Weight: 240 g

  • Burning time: up to 65 hours

  • Carefully manufactured by hand in candle workshops in France.

  • Limited to 500 pieces per candle.

  • Price: 80 €

Order via C&P: Write us to All profits from the sale of the candles through Creutz & Partners will be donated to the jungle protection organization of Peter Wohlleben in the german Eifel.

The candle can be picked up at our HQ in Beiler or at our Representative Office Always Close in Luxemourg City.

Other outlets:, LN-CC. Anne Gallwé

About D.L. Roelen

David Lucas Roelen is the mastermind behind the eponymous fragrance house from Berlin, which is dedicated to the creation of avantgarde fragrances. His interpretations are pure zeitgeist, radical and individualistic - without compromise. Invisible, yet there.

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