Philippe van Parijs and Adeline Grattard as guests at »Villa Louise«

Philippe Van Parijs gave a speech on the topic of »Basic Income« – Adeline Grattard shone with an outstanding menu.

Villa Louise

The Belgian philosopher and economist Philippe Van Parijs gave a speech on the topic of »Basic Income« in a small and exclusive session. Philippe Van Parijs directs the Hoover Chair of Economics and Social Ethics at the University of Louvain and is a visiting professor of philosophy at Harvard University. His book »Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy«, published by Harvard University Press in 2017, is now already considered a landmark publication on the topic of basic income.
Following the speech, Michelin-starred chef Adeline Grattard from the »Yam’Tcha« restaurant in Paris prepared a delightful menu for us. Having grown up in Burgundy and always been fascinated by cuisine from far-flung countries, Adeline Grattard combines Chinese cooking methods with the best French products. Many are familiar with the former student of Pascal Barbot, L’Astrance, from the Netflix series, Chef’s Table, in which she excels with her husband Chi Wah Chan, tea master of the restaurant. It was our great pleasure to welcome Philippe Van Parijs and Adeline Grattard to the »Villa Louise«.