Alain Passard ***

Chef at restaurant »L´Arpège« in Paris, delighted the invited guests on two consecutive days.

Villa Louise

As well as being said to be one of the best chefs in the world, Passard is also considered an undisputed legend of vegetarian haute cuisine. For now 20 years the Michelin Guide has awarded him the highest distinction of 3 stars every year. Passard was recently honoured for his life’s work by »The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy« when he won »The Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award 2016«. In the Academy’s global rankings, his restaurant »Arpège« is currently ranked twelfth. Passard grows the vegetables in his own gardens in the Pays de la Loire and Normandy region using traditional and organic methods. Inspired by the play of colours, the top chef combined his ingredients into an impressionistic symphony and illustrated to the guests present that vegetables do no longer play a supporting role, but rightfully are the star of the show.