CP Lab

... a new world of the unlimited.


What is ‘CP Lab’?

CP Lab is the intellectual home for all creatives working for and with Creutz & Partners and its associated brands or products. It brings together people from all over the world from a wide variety of creative fields and unites them to envision the new now.

With CP Lab, Creutz & Partners strengthens its position as an enabler of art and creativity. Studio, laboratory, aggregator, playground – the Lab conceptualizes and produces all things extraordinary associated with Creutz & Partners.

From popular artists to niche talent, the Lab activates the vision in various forms of expression: from installations to events, from video to merchandise. It expands in its own world.

Creutz & Partners is all about deeper connections and lasting partnerships. Therefore they never see the creatives from the CP Lab as service providers, but always as partners on the same path.

D.L. ROELEN xx Creutz & Partners

Berlin-based avantgarde fragrance house D.L. Roelen and Creutz & Partners have joined forces to create an exclusive collection of three limited scented candles.

Art Car

Inspired by “The Art of Asset Management” we used stunning photography of the space in our headquarters in Beiler and let Artificial Intelligence convert these photos into new imagery – or in other words, we let the AI dream these pictures into new computational realities.

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